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Outdoor Racquetball Community coordination Facebook Groups

Finding people to play Outdoor Racquetball isn’t always like joining a health club and signing up to play in a league; often times they’re just courts built in a park, or at a school, without much in the way of official participation organization.  So many communities around the country have taken to self-organizing through Social Media, specifically by creating Facebook Groups, where people coordinate play. 

This is a review of all known Outdoor Racquetball-related Facebook groups, pages, and people to follow.  If you’re someone who lives in one of these areas definitely join the group/follow the person so you’re “in on” play coordination, or have a place to ask questions of people who are more familiar with courts in your area.

Facebook Group/page Name Area covered URL POC/Notes
WOR – World Outdoor Racquetball Nationwide http://rball.pro/201A05 Main WOR Website for all things Outdoor
Keep Racquetball Great Nationwide http://rball.pro/026896 Jacksonville FL native Norm McNutt created group that covers historical racquetball and a ton of outdoor.  One of the largest rball related groups on FB.
Keep Racquetball On South Florida http://rball.pro/640037 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, and other outdoor hotbeds in South Florida.
Racquetball United (Florida) Mid Coast Florida http://rball.pro/A09D2A Based in Port St. Lucie, but covers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities.  Rob Romano POC
WOR – Florida Florida in general http://rball.pro/F6C922 Home page for WOR Florida, which covers any WOR events throughout the state.
Outdoor Underground Racquetball Southern California http://rball.pro/EC9773 Jeffrey Thompson (aka JT Rball) led group focusing on play in SoCal, the birthplace of outdoor racquetball.
Inland Empire Outdoor Racquetball Redlands/ Riverside area of SoCal http://rball.pro/ED7DE2 Ruben Antilla is POC
Southern California Racquet Sports San Diego http://rball.pro/32E710 Used to be called “San Diego Outdoor Racquetball” but now expanded to include Paddleball and Pickleball
East Bay Outdoor Racquetball Group East Bay in Northern California http://rball.pro/F8DFF5 New NorCal WOR director Erica Williams is a POC: covers play in Concord, Stockton, all the way to Sacramento
NorCal Outdoor Racquetball San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California http://rball.pro/206757 Similar Geographic footprint to the East Bay group, based in Tracy, CA by Frank Biehl
Zerega Indoor Bronx NY http://rball.pro/182A06 NYC/Bronx-based indoor one-wall facility run by Kathy Zerega that features most of the top one-wall players in the city.
Restrung Magazine Brooklyn NY http://rball.pro/C96A0F Freddy Ramirez run online magazine/blog that frequently discusses one-wall and the sport in general.
3WallBall Las Vegas NV http://rball.pro/E37BB5 Las Vegas-based organization that runs the annual 3WallBall Outdoor championships.  Mike Coulter and Rick Koll POCs.
Mid-Atlantic World outdoor Racquetball Washington DC & Virginia Beach VA http://rball.pro/3E285C Highly active group that coordinates play in Columbia MD, Herndon VA, Olney MD, and Chesapeake VA. 
Kansas City Outdoor Racquetball Kansas City MO http://rball.pro/5A4983 Highly active group that coordinates play weekly.  Tom Schrader, Randy Root, Khurram Khan POCs.
Jim Bove Home page Boston MA and New England http://rball.pro/5D32A0 Personal page of Jim Bove, who runs most of the outdoor programming in New England.
Phoenix Metro Outdoor Racquetball Phoenix AZ http://rball.pro/1C5696 Coordinating play at one of the dozens of sites in and around Phoenix that has outdoor courts
Missouri Outdoor Racquetball St. Louis MO and other parts of Missouri http://rball.pro/E93173 Outdoor enthusiast Yee Cheng a POC for play at various parks in St. Louis metro area.
Savannah Outdoor Racquetball Savannah GA http://rball.pro/616223 Little-used group for Savannah area players
Illinois Outdoor Racquetball Chicago IL http://rball.pro/C6B802 Chicagoland and other parts of Illinois.  Joey Logan a POC.
Colorado Outdoor Racquetball Colorado http://rball.pro/5A3DDA Little-used group for play in Colorado
Tennessee Outdoor Racquetball Tennessee http://rball.pro/419F55 Little-used group to coordinate play in Tennessee, where court availability is limited.
Waikiki Outdoor Racquetball Waikiki Beach / Honolulu HI http://rball.pro/1C3452 Coordination of play at the historic courts at Fort Derussy
La Grange Outdoor Racquetball La Grange, IL http://rball.pro/6B76DB Coordination of play in La Grange IL, replacing a google docs method used previously
Oregon Outdoor Racquetball Oregon http://rball.pro/7CF695 Coordination of play in Salem OR and elsewhere in the state
Cincinnati Outdoor Racquetball Cincinnati OH http://rball.pro/7897C6 New group to coordinate play in and around Cincinnati OH
Belle Isle Racquetball Detroit MI http://rball.pro/2777CC Group to cover outdoor play on the historic Belle Isle courts in Detroit, which have been closed for two years for repairs.
SCS Outdoor Racquetball St. Claire Shores MI http://rball.pro/8DAD95 Just up the shoreline from Detroit is St. Claire Shores, which also has outdoor courts.
Texas World Outdoor Racquetball San Antonio, TX http://rball.pro/16AAC9 Ramon Flores a POC for one-wall courts in San Antonio and other Texas outdoor activities
Outdoor 3 Wall Courts in Houston Houston, TX http://rball.pro/DF85B1 Small group coordinating outdoor play in and around Houston

There are still pockets of play throughout the US that do not have known Facebook groups to coordinate play.  If anyone is aware of additional groups/pages to advertise in the future please let us know.  Email Todd Boss tboss@bossconsulting.com or reach out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/toddeboss