2023 USA Junior Nationals Recap

2023 USA Junior Nationals Recap

The 49th iteration of @USA Racquetball Junior Nationals was held this past weekend in Pleasanton, CA, crowning a slew of top juniors US champions and qualifying them to represent the USA at Junior Worlds in November in (I believe) Bolivia. Every year since 1974 (save for the 2020 covid year) the USAR (or its predecessor) held Junior Nationals and named national champs.

r2sports home page for all the brackets:


A reminder on our data entry policies for juniors: we put in full brackets for 14+ and older divisions, just the finalists for younger divisions, and just the finalists for doubles.

The finalists of each Singles division and the Champions of each Doubles division qualify for the US Junior National team, and have first right of refusal to compete at Worlds in November.

Congrats to the Singles champions

Boys 21U: @Krish Thakur

Boys 18U: Nikhil Prasad

Boys 16U: @Eshan Ali

Boys 14U: Nathan Rykhus

Boys 12U: Alejandro Robles-Picon

Boys 10Udb: Chris Nelson

Boys 8U: Luke Vanderbeek

Boys 8Umb: Luke Vanderbeek

Boys 6U: Jasur Pridako

Girls 21U: Annie Roberts

Girls 18U: @Naomi Ros

Girls 16U: Sonya Shetty

Girls 14U: Andrea Perez-Picon

Girls 12U: Lexie Sikorski

Girls 10U: Anna Sikorski

Girls 10Udb: Marivada Sloka

Girls 8Umb: Marivada Sloka

Girls 6Umb: Sashi Rai

And congrats to the Doubles champions:

Boys 21U: Iain Dunn / Paul Saraceno

Boys 18U: Josh Shea / @Vedant Chauhan

Boys 16U: Eshan Ali / @London Townsend

Boys 14U: Nathan Rykhus / Vaishant Mangalampalli

Boys 12U: Alejandro Robles Picon / Ayan Sharma

Girls 21U: Shane Diaz / Graci Wargo

Girls 18U: @Heather Mahoney / @Naomi Ros

Girls 16U: Sonya Shetty / Victoria Rodriguez

Girls 14U: Andrea Perez-Picon / Aanshi Thakur

Girls 12U: Lexie Sikorski / Anna Sikorski

Girls 10U: Sloka Marivada / Sameera Rai

Mixed 21U: DJ Mendoza / Annie Roberts

Mixed 18U: Cole Sendry / Naomi Ros

Mixed 16U: Eshan Ali / Sonya Shetty

Mixed 14U: Nathan Rykhus / Andrea Perez-Picon

Mixed 12U: Jacob Gutierrez / Lexie Sikorski

Mixed 10U: Noah Jakola / Anna Sikorski

Congratulations to all your triple crown winners on the weekend: Eshan Ali, Nathan Rhykus, Naomi Ros, Sonya Shetty, Andrea Perez-Picon, Lexie Sikorski, Anna Sikorski, and Marivada Sloka. Singles, Doubles, and Mixed. That’s a great weekend.


The best ways to see all the Junior singles winners in one place are via the Junior Matrix Reports at the website.

Click here: https://rball.pro/mey for the Boys Junior winner’s matrix for all USA junior titles, dating back to 1974.

Click here: https://rball.pro/cpf for the same report for the Girls.

However, for each of the singles draws you can see all the match results by pulling down the event at the main Junior home page. Go here, then hit the event pulldown: http://rb.gy/rnps1f



Thanks to the streaming teams who helped out all weekend. Thanks to the local tournament directors, the Junior Committee, and all the USAR staff who made tournament happen.


Next up?

Per our handy master racquetball calendar …


The Central American & Caribbean games started up while Junior Nationals were finishing; we’ll recap that event upon its completion. After that, we’ll write our annual LPRT season recap with a deep dive into each player’s finish.



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