New Report on Pro Racquetball Stats

Hi racquetball fans!

I wrote up a new report that I thought i’d tell you about. Last August, when long-time LPRT #1 Paola Longoria fell out of the #1 seeding, many asked “Hey, when was the last time Paola wasn’t the #1 seed at a LPRT event?”

Well, I thought that was a pretty good question. So I wrote a query to answer it.

In the per-player report section on‘s report launch page, there’s now a report called ‘Player Tourney Results Summary with Seeding.” it’s 5-6 reports down. This query shows every tourney a player has entered, their seed, and their result.

Here’s a couple of interesting examples:

– Longoria: . The answer to the above question is now answered: November 2011, Longoria fell behind in the then-called WPRO rankings and was a #2 seed to Rhonda Rajsich for a few events.

– Kane Waselenchuk : . Despite nine straight titles between 2009 and 2017 Kane would go through stretches where he fell out of #1.

– Rocky Carson: . Amazing to see how long he basically was #1 or #2 seed.

For older players, you’ll note that the seeds basically start in 2009. That’s when I began in earnest capturing them as each event happened. For some select events of interest in the past i’ve tried to figure out the seeds from context or from published brackets, but I have never tried to fully populate seeds for older events as too difficult an endeavor. Of course, if someone wants to give it a try, i’ll take your research for sure.

anyway, hope you enjoy!

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