2nd Average Joes Kelley invitational recap

Ulliman with the win. Photo courtesy of Kyle via r2sports home page

While some of us were in Vegas, others in Atlanta … the Kelley brothers had 20 of their closest east coast (and beyond) friends up in Jersey for a quick two-day shootout. Here’s the results.

In the play ins:

  • PA’s Simon Totive took out fellow PA native Glenn Sincovich
  • CT’s Tony Prater took out Jersey’s Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc.
  • Jamie Ferrera took out NY’s Abraham Mercado
  • Jersey’s Julio Infante upset NY’s Aaron Dardani.

    In the 16s:
  • #1 Kyle Ulliman took out Totive.
  • #9 Josh Shea with the upset over #8 Jersey native David Austin (who in the preview I mistakenly thought was Austin Cunningham: apologies to both).
  • #12 host Sam Kelley with the upset win over #5 Brennen Jennings, showing that home court advantage does exist.
  • #4 Dylan Pruitt cruised past qualifier Prater 4,0
  • #3 Victor Migliore advanced past qualifier Ferrera
  • #6 Alex zamudio got a solid win over NY veteran #11 Jason Silvester
  • #7 Ben Bleyer held serve against CT veteran #10 Jose Flores Jr.
  • #2 co-host Joe Kelley cruised past qualifier Infante.
    So, two upsets in the opening round, and some top level talent moving on.

    In the quarters:
  • #1 Ulliman took out the junior from NY Shea
  • #4 Pruitt held serve against his host Sam to move on
  • #3 Migliore took out the Floridian Zamudio
  • #7 Bleyer had the big upset of the round, taking out his host and defending champ Joe Kelley.

    In the semis, it was Ohio versus Maryland in both matches:
  • #1 Ulliman defeated Pruitt
  • #3 Migliore over Bleyer.

    In the final, #1 Kyle lived up to his seeding and defeated Migliore in an all-Ohio final.
    Congrats to the Kelley brothers once again for putting on a fun event.