World Singles & Doubles Wrap-up Part 2: Doubles draws

Montoya a double winner on the weekend, solidifying his status as a top doubles player. Photo Gearbox promotional

Part 1 focused on the two pro singles draws; this one covers the three main doubles draws.
Congrats to your winners on the weekend:Mixed Pro Doubles: Rodrigo Montoya Solis / Samantha Salas Solis

Men’s Open Doubles: Rodrigo Montoya & Javier Mar

Women’s Open Doubles: Jessica Parrilla & Montserrat Pérez

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Quick commentary on the divisions…
In Mixed Pro, the #7 seeded Montoya/Salas blitzed through the draw, dominating every one of their matches save for their match against my pre-tournament favorite Alvaro Beltran & Montse Mejia. I think its safe to say that the pairing of Montoya and Salas, which comprises the reigning World and Pan Am Games doubles champion in Montoya and a woman in Salas who has won no less than 33 pro doubles titles should have been seeded higher.

They topped the #8 seeded team of Sebastian Fernandez and Alexandra Herrera in the final. Patata and Alexandra also similarly blitzed their way through the draw, not dropping a game until the final and including a dominant 8,10 win over the #1 seeds and defending champs Daniel De La Rosa and Michelle De La Rosa.

Men’s Open Doubles PRS Match Report:

In Men’s Open Doubles, Montoya & Mar (again, the reigning World, Pan Am Games and Mexican champions) were somehow only seeded 3rd and faced a gauntlet of matches to make the final. In the quarters they downed the top Bolivian team of Conrrado Moscoso and Roland Keller, a rematch of the 2019 Pan Am games gold medal match. In the semis they dominated the #2 seeded Colombian team of Eduardo Garay Rodriguez and Sebastian Franco, then got an unfortunate walk-over win in the final against the newly crowned Bolivian national champs Carlos Keller Vargas and Kadim Carrasco (reason unknown, maybe an early flight?). Nonetheless, Montoya & Mar proved once again that they’re in the conversation for best doubles team in the world.

Women’s Open Doubles PRS Match Report:

In Women’s Open doubles, the very solid lefty-righty team of Parrilla and Perez cruised through the bottom side of the draw to the finals. There, they met the newly crowned USA national champs Rhonda Rajsich and Erika Manilla, who had to win a rematch of the USA championships in their quarters, then down a tough #1 seeded team of Nancy Enriquez / Carla Muñoz Montesinos to make the final. There, a battle ensued, going down to the wire, with the Mexican pair saving match point against to win 11-10 and claim the crown.

Next up?
we have a busy upcoming weekend:

  • the 3rd annual Alex Landa tournament is in Juarez:
  • The annual New Smyrna Beach WOR event is in Florida:
  • – the 4th Annual Rocky Carson clinic is in Indiana:

Once again, thanks to all the streamers and to Jim Hiser for making this event happen.
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