IRT 2023 Year End Rankings published to website

Hello Racquetball fans. A quick note to inform the community that I’ve done the typical year-end data upload into for the just ended IRT season. Here’s some links that now show the updated data, along with some of the artifacts I maintain for the sport.

– Year End Rankings loaded into the database:

– Season Summary Report: . This report has a breakdown of finishes for all players, is sorted by Wins, then Finals, then Semis, etc.

– All the season-level reports are now of course complete for the year. You can get a list of finals, draw sizes,

All the static files of data have also been updated:

– Landmark Tour history bullet points:

– List of Year end Title Winners:

– Detailed tour history/year summary:…/year_end… . I use this file to do a separate post coming soon where I detail the happenings of the season.

– Number of Overall Titles:…/number_of_titles… DLR wins his 3rd and moves into a tie with Charlie Brumfield (who won 3 pro and an additional 2 amateur national titles in the early 1970s).

– Major Championship Winners: . Only one major this year, the Suivant Consulting Grand Slam in Atlanta.


Look for my big recap of the IRT season in this space soon, including player by player commentary and predictions for 2024.

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