US Open-Specific Reports at PRS

Hello Racquetball fans! The 25th annual US Open is upon us.

Before we start previewing, I wanted to do a quick run-through of all the US Open-specific reports and information available at the PRS website. Over the years we have created a bunch of specific reports for just this event; here’s a quick run through:
Go to, click on either one of the pro tours (IRT or LPRT), and then from there you can run all the following reports:

For any player:

  • Complete player match history, US Open Only
  • Player W-L in US Open

    Then for each tour:
  • US Open Participation Summary (my favorite US Open Report)
  • US Open Draw Sizes
  • US Open Tourney Qtrs/Semis/Finals historically
  • US Open Results Summary (another cool report)
  • Ages of all US Open Winners

    And lastly, a list of all historical IRT Major championship winners including the previous 24 US Opens. for IRT,
    as always, if you have any questions how to run these reports or how to get data out of Pro Racquetball Stats, i’m always available to help.

    International Racquetball Tour
    UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Racquetball Championships

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